• Cafeteria PayPams

    SAIL High School is now using PayPAMS (Parent Account Management System) in the cafeteria. Read below for more details and how students can use this system.

    Dear Student/Parent:

    SAIL High School has a "Point of Sale" system in the cafeteria. This system is computer-based and will keep track of student's cafeteria balance as they purchase food items and deposit money into their account. Students have been given a special 3 to 6 digit keypad number (passed out at SAIL) to access the account. Our computer, using a specific design has generated this number. Any random number will NOT work. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you memorize your number and NEVER share it with anyone!

    The keypad is where students will punch in their number is located at the register. Students will be required to enter their PIN number for every transaction. Once they have gathered all their food items to complete their meal, they proceed to the register. At this time, enter your keypad number and tell the cashier your first and last name.

    While at the register, students may either pay for their meal or, if they have money in their account, may charge their items to their account. Also, at any time students may deposit cash or checks into their account while at the register.

    NOTE: Each student at SAIL has already been given an account and PIN Number to log in to PayPAMS.com.

    * Pay for your child's meals and school activities via the internet  from the convenience of your home or office 24/7
    * Schedule automatic payments based on account balance
    * View cafeteria purchases online
    * Receive e-mail notification of balance status

    Pre-pay for School Meals at PayPAMS.com

    STEP 1: Register with PAMS: Go to http://www.paypams.com to provide your child's meal account ID# and billing information.

    STEP 2: Choose your Payment Options: Make payments at your convenience or replenish your account automatically based on account balance threshold that you determine.

    STEP 3: Make a Payment: Pay by credit/debit card or by e-check. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that your payment has been received. Note: Payments take one to two school days to post to your child's account at his/her school cafeteria.

    Manage Your Account:
    Simply enter your user name and password to access your account at http://www.paypams.com. You can make payments, view your child's account balance, view payment history, and change your payment preferences twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week!