Information Technology at Riley Elementary

  • Riley The Technology Magnet Program at Riley Elementary School has the latest and most innovative technology that our school district has to offer.

    Our state-of-the-art newsroom is utilized daily by our students to broadcast our school news program, WRTV.

    We have six computer labs with approximately 180 computers. Each classroom has four computers for student use in Pre K through fifth grade. Every classroom is classified as an Intelligent Classroom which means that promethean boards, document cameras and audio enhancements are a major part of daily instruction. iPads and iPods are also available to reinforce instructional materials enhancing the lives of our children.

    Three of our most recent innovative resources include the use of Active Slates, Active Votes, and the iPad Translator Application.

    Active Slates and Active Votes allow students to input their responses to prompts provided by teachers during classroom instruction. The results are tabulated immediately and provide feedback so teachers and students are able to monitor their progress and adapt instruction based on the results.

    The use of the iPad Translator Application allows our small population of students on campus that do not speak or understand English well to translate from their language to English and increase their learning. The iPad Translator Application has bridged the communication gap allowing the teacher to communicate effectively with these students and their parents.

    Completed applications must be turned in to the school choice office by March 1.


Last Modified on December 12, 2016