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    (ATMSA) was established as Leon County’s first magnet program in 1999. Since then, ATMSA has excelled in enhancing student education through artistic emphasis. High expectations and a standard of excellence are held for all students through explicit instruction and a common focus. Classroom teachers and the Tapestry teachers co-teach within the classroom to infuse art into content areas. The ultimate goal of the educators and staff at ATMSA is to help students develop a passion for learning, nurture their existing creativity, and achieve their maximum potential both artistically and academically.

    Program Offerings:   

    Dance, Strings, Band, Drama, Music, Fine Arts, Graphic Arts Technology & Physical Education

    Students enrolled at ATMSA are provided with a rigorous arts-infused academic curriculum. There are many venues for students to excel, showcase talents, and achieve academic excellence while increasing critical thinking and problem solving skills that are essential to be successful in the 21st century.

    A unique schedule is offered to allow students to experience the various forms of art. Grades PreK-3 receive creative infusion in the classroom through visual art, drama and music, in addition to traditional special area offerings. Grades 4-5 continue to receive additional rigorous arts infusion in the classroom as well as traditional special area offerings.

    Completed applications must be turned in to the school choice office by March 1.
    Congratulations to Janice Sellars, she has been selected Employee of the Year! Ms. Sellars is the registrar at Apalachee Tapastery. 
    Janice Sellars  



Last Modified on December 12, 2016