• 2016  November and December

    Title I & Special Services

    Administrator Technical Assistance Newsletter


    On-going Requirements

    I           SAC Meeting –Include in your meeting:

    The status of your Title I, Part A grant/budget and your Parent Involvement Plan/budget (PIP). Inform your SAC of the FDOE approval of the 2016-2017 Title I, Part A grant application and the LEA PIP which can be found at  this website http://leon.k12.fl.us.

    Review and discuss student achievement data at grade level meetings/data chats:

    Discuss grade level/school data and changes to the instructional program. Include in the minutes, your action plan, next steps, or changes/adjustments to the instructional program based on the data and grade level discussions. Include specific needs identified for subgroups, including SWD, ELLs, and migrant students, if appropriate.


    Highly Qualified Paraprofessionals (HQP)

    All instructional paraprofessionals employed in a Title I school-wide program (public schools) and those paid with Title I funds in a targeted assistance program (nonpublic schools) must meet highly qualified requirements. (See October’s newsletter for HQ requirements).


    Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT)

    All teachers of core academic subjects in Title I schools must be highly qualified. To meet the highly qualified requirements, teachers must be teaching in the field for which they are certified. (See October’s newsletter for qualifications requirements).


    Compliance Watch (Schools and LEA) MUST


    Upload a copy of the sign in sheets, agendas, emails, minutes/notes and handouts, and parental notification letters, if applicable, to the Good Image data-base, and place a copy in your notebook (optional).


    II.        Monthly Technical Assistance Reminders - Allowable with Conditions

    Field Trips

    Educationally related field trips are allowable, but the following standards should be applied:

    • All field trips must relate to the school-wide or targeted assistance (non-public

     schools) programs and school improvement plan;

    • All field trips must be related to the areas of reading, writing, mathematics, or

     science and should include planned instructional activities;

    • Field trip costs should be reasonable. Documentation of the field trip should be

       maintained and provide clear evidence of how the expense relates to an    

       instructional objective. Documentation may include:

    o The destination of each field trip;

    o The costs associated with each field trip;

    o The objective(s) to be accomplished from conducting the field trip; and o The teacher's lesson plan and followup activities.

    o The Title I field trip request form must be completed and approved prior

       to scheduling the field trip.

    • For the supplement not supplant requirement, documentation must demonstrate  

     the supplementary nature of the field trip.


    Food Purchases

    An LEA may only use Title I funds to purchase light refreshments and snacks for Title I, Part A family engagement activities if

    • The LEA has a boardapproved policy regarding the use of federal funds for   

     food purchases;

    • The activity is instructional in nature; and parents are in attendance

    The meeting extends over a normal meal time (breakfast 5:30a.m. – 8:30a.m.,

       lunch 11:30a.m.-2:30p.m., or dinner 5:30p.m. – 8:30p.m.) and reasonable,    

       allowable and necessary for the parental involvement activity.



    Advertising and Public Relations

    Advertising and public relations costs that are unallowable include the following:

    • Advertising and public relations costs other than as specified;

    • Costs of meetings, conventions, convocations, or other events related to other  

       activities of the LEA, including:

    o Costs of displays, demonstrations, and exhibits;

    o Costs of meeting rooms, hospitality suites, and other special facilities used in conjunction with shows and other special events; and

    o Salaries and wages of employees engaged in setting up and displaying exhibits, making demonstrations, and providing briefings;

    o Costs of promotional items and memorabilia, including models, gifts, and souvenirs; and

    o Costs of advertising and public relations designed solely to promote the LEA.



    Costs of entertainment, including amusement, diversion, and social activities and any costs directly associated with it (such as tickets to shows or sports events, meals, lodging, rentals, transportation, and gratuities) are unallowable.

    Gifts/Incentives and Awards

    Gifts, field trips for noneducational purposes or used as incentives, or items that appear to be gifts are not allowable. Souvenirs, memorabilia, or promotional items, such as Tshirts, caps, tote bags, etc., are not allowable. Door prizes, movie tickets, gift certificates, passes to amusement parks, etc., are unallowable. In addition, food, snacks, beverages, refreshments, meals, etc., that are provided as incentives or rewards are not allowable.


    Goods or Services for Personal Use

    Costs of goods or services for personal use are unallowable.


    Memberships, Subscriptions, and Professional Activities

    Costs of membership in organizations substantially engaged in lobbying are unallowable.


    Construction Costs

    Construction costs associated with permanent and structural work of buildings or properties, such as creating parking lots, asphalt paving, building wheelchair ramps to meet ADA requirements, adding additional space/room to the building, building a road, fence or garage on school property, etc., are unallowable.


    Compliance Watch

    • Maintain documentation to support specific costs, such as:

    • Salaries: semiannual certifications or personnel activity reports and evidence that payments reflect work;

    • Contracts: evidence that deliverables were met, rationale for selection of the vendor, invoices, and the actual contract;

    • Stipends: a contract or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that states work expectations and payment and, if paying for attending training, a description of the training and a list of participants;

    • Meetings, food, meals: documentation that identifies the content of meeting, the agenda or minutes, and the participants;

    • Training, professional development, and associated expenditures: documentation that identifies the content and the participants, actual hotel bills, payments for airline tickets, payment for meals;

    • Local travel: documentation that identifies the miles traveled, the destination, and the purpose of the trip sufficient to demonstrate it supported the purpose of the grant; and

    • Advertising: a copy of the advertisement and how it supports the functions of the grant.

    • Maintain documentation to support that expenditures are supplemental, and do not

       supplant, that which would have been provided in the absence of Title I funding.


    II.        November Title I Parent Newsletter Insert will include information about:

    1. Highly Qualified requirements

    3. Student Code of Conduct

    4. Title I Homepage

    5. Family and School Partnership Policy


    III        Reminder:


    Please posted the following on your School’s Homepage

    Parent Notifications, Student Code of Conduct, Report Card       

    Information, School Report Card Notification, SPAR, Award Notifications for

    Title I, Part A, Title I, Part D, subpart II, and Title X, Student Compact, and LCS

    Complaint Process


    Make visible and available in the Front Office

    Title I/School Improvement Plan

    Parent Involvement Plan

    Student Code of Conduct

    Student Compact

    LCS Complaint Process

    Parent Brochure

    Parent Right to Know Letter 

    Parent 21 Day Letter


    IV.       The attached and requested compliance items were listed in the September and October Technical Assistance Newsletter and should have been signed and uploaded into the Good Image data-base and a copy placed in your compliance notebook (optional).

    • HQ Principal Attestation (Signed in October attesting to the HQ status of your teachers and paras).

    • October Time and Effort Log - A signed copy of the October Time and Effort (PAR) log-signed after October 31, 2016 for all employees split coded to a Federal Grant.

    • Instructional Aides schedules were requested in the September Technical Assistance Newsletter and should have been uploaded in the Good Image data-base.

    • Parent 21 Day/Four Week Notification Letter- The Title Office should have been informed of a non-highly qualified teacher and the proper notification sent home to the parent or guardian. A copy of the letter sent to the Title Director, a copy at school and a copy uploaded in the Good Image data- base.



    A group becomes a team
    when each member is sure enough
    of himself and his contribution
    to praise the skills of the others.

    Norman Shidle
    (1895-1978, American
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