• Students will be learning the Principle, and elements of Design.

    This first summester we are currently working to increse our skills and understanding of the computer.
    Additionaly introduction the principles of design will be introduced. Lessons will be geard around the these principles and art elements.


    • How to navigate the computer interface.
    • Understanding how the computer interfaces with the server.
    • Learning how to use (mastery) some of the Microsoft products, spesificaly, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Powerpoint.
    • There will be a high consentration with the formentioned Microsoft products, they will be taught to mastery within the scope of this class.

    Note: We are consentrating on the Microsoft product to prepare the students for future digital communication.
    We will explore additional software packages, to ensure the students are well rounded.

    We began with a self portrate, introducing microsoft word. Photos of the students where taken and intergrated into the lesson. Students then produced a "Campaign Poster", advertising for various positions avaliable in student government. We then trasitioned in to Microsoft Poweropint. There we deveopled slides that are going to be used to advertise "happy Birthday" on the ATMSA morning news. These slides are wraped around the school wide theme of Dr.Susse, and explore concepts like: foregroud, middle ground and background.

    All students are responsible for completing their assignments on time. 

    Assignments are weighted using the following scale:

    • Participation in creteques: 20%
    • Test and quizes: 20%
    • Graphic design assigments: 60%

    All student assignments and assessments will be graded using the following scale:

    A 100-90

    B 89-80

    C 79-70

    D 69-60

    F 59 and below