"The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children."

Dear Parents of my new Princes and Princesses,

  • Welcome to a Ms. Penton’s Kingdom of Learning! In order to begin our year together successfully, I would like to explain some of the basic principles and guidelines in our classroom: My goal as a teacher is to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment. In order to do this, there is a reliable and consistent discipline system enforced in our classroom. A good discipline system reinforces positive behaviors and discourages behaviors that are negative to your child and his/her classmates.


    In our classroom we have the following expectations:

    Rule 1: Follow directions quickly!



    Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.


    Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat.



    Rule 4: Make smart choices.



    Rule 5: Keep your dear teacher happy.



    (Your dear teacher is happy when you are learning and protecting our kingdom.)


    We will be practicing many components of our expectations and routines every day. Students will receive the opportunity to practice following our expectations during class time. We will learn what each means and the steps to achieve them. We will use our agenda books for daily communication on how well the expectations were being followed. Please take the time to review, sign the agenda book and return it the next day. 


    Daily behavior and AVID expectations will be circled in the agenda book.  Areas of concern will be noted in writing.  Kindergarten AVID expectations are as follows: bring backpack to and from school daily, parent signs the agenda book daily, student keeps pencil box with supplies in backpack, student keeps an extra set of clothes in backpack, student returns homework weekly, student helps maintain of organization of shared classroom supplies and materials.  Kindergarten is a place to begin learning the organizational skills to help your child learn how to be responsible and succeed in school. 


    Parent support is a valuable asset that contributes to student success. By working together, we will help your child learn to be a positive contributor in the classroom. If a rule or work/study skill is noted in the planner, please take time to discuss the behaviors and “practice” making good choices.


    Expectations will be enforced firmly and consistently, but “How was your day?” ought not be the only focus of your after school discussion. “What did you learn?” is our focus. If there are repeated behaviors that need a parent phone call or conference, we can meet and discuss a more detailed plan as needed.


    Children who make positive behavior choices and work/study skill choices also have ample opportunities to receive Starbucks, verbal praise, stickers, trips to the treasure chest, games & activity time, along with positive notes and phone calls home.

    This year promises to be very fun and rewarding. I am truly looking forward to working with you and your child! If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to contact me either at 488-7110 (w), 228-4330 (c), or my email pentonm@leonschools.net .

    Ms. Penton’s Website: https://www.leonschools.net/Page/13250

    and can also be accessed from the Teacher Websites tab on the ATMSA website!



    Margo Penton