• girl reading  Your child’s home reading habits should reflect his/her reading ability. Strive for 20 minutes of daily reading at home. This can be a combination of shared, independent, and read alouds. Home reading should be fun, not a chore! Please be mindful that you may need to vary your child’s reading material. 

    ·        Developing readers struggle with grade level material. The paper decodable books are a perfect resource to improve reading. These books reinforce the phonics skills that we learn in class. Keep these books at home to read daily. Research shows that daily repeated readings of these books will improve fluency level.

    ·        Grade level readers can read decodable books with little struggle. They may sound out some words and be familiar with most sight words. It is recommended that grade level readers read the decodable books several times until fluent. Grade level picture books and AR books are a good reading supplement for grade level readers.

    ·        Developed readers breeze through grade level decodable books and can read above grade level books without struggle. While it is tempting to give these students higher level chapter books, it is not always for the best. Regardless of reading fluency, text content and complexity should be considered. We recommend looking for books written on a higher level, yet still age appropriate.

    Classroom and Media Center books may be taken home nightly as a reading source. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about reading material.