Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Griffith

When I'm not working with students, I spend time with my family, read, work out and do a lot of laughing. We have a large family (including one proud SAIL student) and before the year is out, most of them will show up in my classroom! I love to read, play board games, travel and exercise with Mr. Griffith. My favorite color is coral and I usually have a book, pen and paper somewhere on my person. This is my first year at SAIL and I love it so far!


Whether my students want to be musicians or mathematicians, I want each of them to have the skills they need to reach their dreams. Every child deserves a chance to succeed. Here are a few of the ideas I believe are critical to lifelong learning and student success:

Every child deserves to read fluently, write cohesively, comprehend fully, and to speak clearly. Literacy is not an option; it's a requirement for success in all content areas.

Every child deserves to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers, fractions and decimals with mastery. More math means more earnings over a lifetime.

Every child deserves to participate, investigate and communicate in my classroom. Diversity is dynamic.

Every child deserves to engage and perform rich literature and poetry. Good writers experience language in many ways.

Every child deserves to experience songs, rhymes and games and create their own. Students should be creators of content, not just consumers of it.

Every child deserves to experience nature and cultivate a love of the world. Real-world experiences help students engage successfully in classroom activities.

Every child deserves to learn in a safe, nurturing classroom community. Respect, responsibilty and rigor create a safe place to make mistakes.

Every child deserves to make magical memories with books. A young person who delights in books will become a lifelong reader...and leader.

Every child deserves to achieve a year or more of learning gains. Children learn at different rates, but all children can learn. Growing is what children are meant to do.

Every child deserves to have a literate, passionate, loving teacher. My job is to make school a place where students want to come!

I want each of my students to become: math masters, word warriors, content creators, world changers, and compassionate citizens! --Mari