• Sight Words
    Sight words will be posted on this page and listed on the weekly newsletter.
    The entire list is available here: sight words 
    Students will have a sight word quiz about every 6 weeks. 
    Students will have a sight word quiz on Unit 3 words the week of January 20-24th. 
    Unit 4
    Week 1: about, animal, carry, eight, give, our
    Unit 3 
    Week 1: away, now, some, today, way, why 
    Week 2: green, grow, pretty, should, together, water 
    Week 3: any, from, happy, once, so, upon 
    Week 4: ago, boy, girl, how, old, people 
    Week 5: after, buy, done, every, soon, work
    Unit 2
    Week 1: again, help, new, there, use
    Week 2: could, live, one, then, three 
    Week 3: eat, no, of, under, who
    Week 4: all, call, day, her, want
    Week 5: around, by, many, place, walk 
    Unit 1 

    Week 1: does, not, school, what

    Week 2: down, out, up, very 

    Week 3: be, come, good, pull 

    Week 4: fun, make, they, too 

    Unit 5: jump, move, run, two 

     Smart Start Week 1-2 
              a      here      can   and    is    are   was  like
             do      little      go      look      for      have    has    my  
       me    said      play      he      the    I    see   
       this      she      we      with      you      where      to