•  Remember to sign in at the circulation desk

    Students do not need a pass from a teacher to visit the media center before school, during lunch, or after school, but you ALWAYS have to sign in at the circulation desk

    If you need to come to the media center during the school day, you need an official media pass, filled out, and signed by the teacher who is sending you to do work.  No scraps of paper will be accepted.  You will need to show your pass to a member of the media staff, turn it in, and sign in at the circulation desk. You will probably be asked what assignment you will be working on. 

    Example of media center pass


    1. Follow all school and Leon County rules and requirements.

    2. Show respect to media staff, teachers, and other students.

    3. Do not bring food or drinks into the media center. (NO EATING OR DRINKING!)

    4. Use quiet voices.

    5. Computers are for SCHOOL RELATED WORK ONLY. (No video games, etc.,)

    6. Do NOT move chairs from the computer stations or tables.

    7. Be sure to clean up your area before leaving. (Push in chairs, pick up any trash.)



    It is important that all students have the opportunity to learn, free from distraction.  On the rare occasion that a student has difficulty honoring the rules and requirements, the following consequences will apply.

    1. Verbal reminder. 

    2. Loss of media access for the day.

    3. Work detail and loss of media access.

    4. Possible referral and loss of media access for behaviors 1-2, or repetitive behavior problems.

    5. See student handbook for behaviors which warrant automatic referral.