•  Full-Time Students

     Leon County Virtual School Open Enrollment

    Florida Statute 1002.37 and 1002.45 require every school district in the State of Florida to have an open and closed enrollment period for full-time students.   
       Registration timelines for the 2020-21 school year are listed below. 

     Start Date

    Primary Registration Window 

     Late Registration Window 

     August 31, 2020

    April 12 - July 10, 2020

     July 17 - September 15, 2020

    January 19, 2021

     November 30 -  January 5, 2021

     January 15 - January 26, 2021


     Full Time Enrollment:  Apply Here

    PLEASE SEE SAMPLE 6-12 Student Schedule

    (Please know that your family can modify this sample schedule based on your preference because you can make appointments with teachers for direct instruction.)

    LCVS is a public school within Leon County Schools.  LCVS is a school of choice and admission is not guaranteed. Upon receipt of the online application, a guidance counselor will contact the parent guardian via telephone/email within 3-5 days to set up an enrollment interview.
    Middle School Curriculum
    Leon County Virtual School is a franchise of Florida Virtual School and many of our courses are offered through our franchise agreement.  To ensure local teachers, local support staff, and to keep your educational funding in Leon County please select LEON COUNTY VIRTUAL SCHOOL FRANCHISE when selecting your preferred start date.  
    Language Arts Math Science Social Science
    M/J Language Arts 1 & Advanced M/J Grade 6 Mathematics & Advanced M/J Comprehensive Science 1 & Advanced M/J World History (6) & Advanced
    M/J Language Arts 2 & Advanced M/J Grade 7 Mathematics & Advanced M/J Comprehensive Science 2 & Advanced M/J Civics (7) & Advanced
    M/J Language Arts 3 & Advanced M/J Grade 8 Pre Algebra & Advanced M/J Comprehensive Science 3 & Advanced M/J US History (8) & Advanced
    Electives World Language High School Credit  
    M/J Creative Photography M/J Spanish Intermediate All high school credit courses  
    M/J Peer Counseling Spanish I  are offered to students  
     Leadership Spanish II  who meet prerequisites.  



    For questions or help completing this application, please contact the Dean of Curriculum, Chelsea Williams at williamsc9@leonschools.net or 717-2015.

    Para preguntas o ayuda en español, puede comunicarse con Marie Pujols López al siguiente correo electrónico pujolsm@leonschools.net o llame al 850-717-2010. 


Last Modified on January 15, 2021