General Supply List

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  • Please note that this is a generic supply list. If a student will need any additional supplies for a specific class, it will be noted on the syllabus given out the first week of school.

School Hours and Supervision

    • School hours are from 9:30am – 3:50pm. Supervision is provided from 8:45am – 4:15 pm. Students are not permitted to be on campus prior to 8:45am or after 4:15 pm unless enrolled in a supervised program or club.
    • Students on campus before 8:45am must be in the fee-based Before-School Program. If they are not enrolled in this program and on campus prior to 8:45am, they will be asked to leave campus.
    • Students must be in a supervised area during the morning hours of 8:45am – 9:23am, prior to the first bell. 6th graders should report to the gymnasium; 7th and 8th graders should report to the Flight Time area. Students wishing to study or read quietly, or who wish to purchase breakfast, may report to the cafeteria. Students possessing a Falcon Card (2nd – 4th quarter only) may report to the Media Center.
    • Students must be in a supervised area or in a supervised after-school activity by 4pm. Students must be in a supervised area or in a supervised after-school activity by 4pm. Supervision is provided at the bus loop until the last bus leaves (approximately 4pm). Supervision is provided at the Parent Pick-Up loop until 4:15 pm. No school child is authorized to be in an unsupervised area after 4:15pm. Please be sure to arrange timely transportation in both the morning and the afternoon. Before and after school programs are available.
    • Students participating in extracurricular activities or sports programs at Fairview must be picked up within 15 minutes of the designated ending time as a condition of continued participation.

Parent Files

Supply FAQ's

  • When should i bring my supplies?

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    It is NOT necessary to bring all of your school supplies with you during the first week of school. Lockers are not usually issued until the second week of school, so during the first week of school have your child bring only the basics: a binder with paper, pens and pencils is sufficient unless otherwise instructed by their teachers.


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  • Will I need additional supplies?

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    Some additional supplies might be required by specific classes and/or teachers, such as electives. Please note a few of the additional requirements below:
    Algebra 1 & Geometry: Scientific Calculator (similar to TI-30xs)
    World Language (Spanish, French, Chinese): A Translation Dictionary specific to your language; 1” binder; Dividers; book cover
    Spanish 1 and 2 (7th/8th Grade): USB Headphone/microphone set for use at home


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  • Can I Wear A Backpack?

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    Backpacks are allowed in the classroom and must be housed during the class period under the desk. If a backpack does not fit under the desk, it may not be allowed in the classroom.

    Please check your child’s back pack frequently to avoid unnecessary materials coming to school.



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  • What do i need to wear for Physical Education (PE)?

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    Students enrolled in PE are required to dress out daily in their PE uniforms. The uniforms consist of a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt; information about the uniform will be sent home to PE students on the first day of school.


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