• Canopy Oaks Pre-K


    Principal – Staci Mortham

    Assistant Principal – Paula Mischler


    Teacher –    Kelly Jones



    Paraprofessionals –    Laretta Smith

                                      Debra Chester


    Address and Telephone Number:   3250 Point View Drive

    Tallahassee, FL  32303

    (850) 488-3301


    Hours of Operation

    School Day – 8:30 – 2:50

    VPK Only – 8:30 – 11:30



    Parents should drive through the Car Drop Off Loop and proceed all the way to the Pre-K gate. A staff member will approach your vehicle to take your child's temperature and walk them to the classroom. Arrivals after the tardy bell will need to obtain a tardy pass from the office before entering the classroom.



    Parent Pick-Up:  Parents will drive through the Car Pick Up Line and pull all the way to the bike racks by the handicap parking spots in front of the Pre-K playground. Children will be escorted to your car by a staff member upon your arrival. Teachers will begin dismissal at 2:40 and continue dismissing until 3:20. A school staff member in the front office will supervise any children remaining after 3:15.


    Bus: Children will be escorted to and placed on the appropriate bus by a staff member each afternoon.


    Day Care: Children will be escorted to and placed on the appropriate day care van by a staff member each afternoon.


    *Please Note:  Children leaving school before 2:40 will need an official sign-out notice from the office before being dismissed from the classroom. Pre-K Children will not be permitted to leave with anyone other than parents or persons listed on the pick-up list and all must show a car tag!



    Parents must be prepared to pick up children who become ill at school.  Children with a fever must leave for the day and may not return to school until symptom/fever free for 72 hours. The school will issue further guidance related to COVID-19.



    If your child requires medication during the school day, a medication form must be completed in the school clinic.  Medication must be in the original container with Rx label.



    During school hours you may leave a message with the office at (850) 488-3301.  We will return your call as soon as possible.  If the message is urgent, the office will transfer the call directly to the classroom.  You may also send us a message via email.

    Kelly Jones – jonesk@leonschools.net


    *Daily communication may occur by writing in your child’s daily take home folder.  Please be sure to check the folders daily!



    Conferences concerning your child’s progress will be conducted twice a year.  Please call your child’s teacher for an appointment any time you have questions of concern.

    Canopy Oaks Pre-K



    Pre-K students will eat breakfast daily upon arrival. Your child will not be provided with a school breakfast if he/she arrives after the tardy bell has rung! 



    A lunch will be served daily.  A variety of fruits and vegetables and milk will be served with each meal.  If your child brings a lunch from home, please be sure he/she lets the teacher know in the morning.


    What I Need For School Every Day!

    I need a good night’s sleep.


    ·      I need PLAY CLOTHES.  Every day I will have a chance to get dirty, wet and even painted on, so I need to wear clothes that are made for that kind of fun, kid stuff.


    ·      If I have a really fun day in the sand box and at the paint center, I might mess up my clothes.  I would love to have an extra set of clothes to change into.


    ·      When we climb up the structures, play in the sand, roll around on the floor, ride the tricycles, or even dance to the music, rubber soled play shoes would be best for my feet.  My boots, sandals, flip-flops and jellies would be very uncomfortable to play in all day.


    ·      Lunch – I can either bring one from home or get one at school.  I will leave my snack foods and candy at home.


    ·      I will only bring items to school that my teacher asks for.  Special things may be brought on my Show and Tell day.