• Do students have snack time?

    The students may bring a snack from home each day that we will eat mid-morning.  Please try to make sure that your child has a healthy snack and provide spoons if needed, etc.  Also, please consider that peanut allergies are very common, so if possible have that as a snack at home instead of school.

    Can I bring in a treat for my child's birthday?

    Yes, if your child is not having a party with the class outside of school we'd love to help your child celebrate with our wonderful class during our lunch time!
    Please adhere to these guidelines:
    *Communicate with the teacher at least one day ahead of planned celebration.
    *Provide individual snacks that you or your child are able to hand out to the class such as cupcakes, cookies, or pre-packaged snacks, etc. rather than cakes that need to be cut and served.  The teacher will not be responsible for handing out the birthday treats.
    *Feel free to share the treats during our lunch time and sit with your child. Custodians are there to help with clean-up. :)
    *Please refrain from sending birthday invitations to school unless every child in our class is being invited to the party.  
    If needed, if provided in advance we can place them in Friday homework folders for individuals.

    When can I come in to volunteer?

    I enjoy having volunteers come into the classroom and appreciate them very much!   I will contact parents interested in volunteering within the first month of school so we can set up a volunteer schedule.  Once we set up a schedule you are welcome to come in on your assigned day and time to help out.  Please remember, to be an approved volunteer you must fill out a county volunteer form from the front office.

    Can my child bring things in to share?

    I will give each child an opportunity to be the Star of the Week.  During their special week I will send home a Star of the Week poster that they are to fill out and decorate at home. Your child can bring in pictures of their family and their favorite book as well.  The poster will come home on a Friday and I would like the poster returned the following Thursday along with your child's homework.  Please do not send in toys for share time since toys are not allowed at school.

    Can I come eat lunch with my child?

    You are welcome to come and eat lunch with your child anytime.  Our lunch time is: 11:45-12:10.  You may eat with your child in the cafeteria or outside in the courtyard; however, you may not take any other children with you outside.  Please remember to sign in at the front office each time you come and we'll meet you in the breezeway.  We look forward to your visits.

    Should my child read the easy reader books even if they are too simple for him/her?

    YES!  Even if your child is already a fluent reader, these books provide practice recognizing spelling patterns.  This will help your child as they approach more difficult words in text as well as allowing them the opportunity to learn these spellings for writing.  Consider these books "practice sessions" and have your child read them at least once.