• We are looking forward to the new 2022-2023 school year. The kindergarten teachers are excited to meet our new students and parents. We hope that you all enjoy your summer before your child begins their new journey. This is a very important time because for many this will be your child's first school experience. To help our future Mustangs transition into Kindergarten we have listed some skills to work on over the summer. We can't wait to see you in August!

    Skills For Successful Beginning Kindergarteners

    If the preschool child has multiple experiences and practices in the skills listed below, then his/her progress and pace in kindergarten will be greatly enhanced.

    Describes a picture verbally.
    Communicates ideas and needs verbally.
    Verbally identifies common objects.
    Speaks in complete sentences of at least 5-6 words.
    States his/her full name.
    States his/her address and phone number.
    Can identify rhyming words.

    Counts at least 10 objects as each is touched one at a time.
    Names numbers from 1 to 10 in random order.
    Orders numbers from (at least) 1 to 5.
    Names the following basic shapes: circle, square, rectangle, triangle.
    Understands basic concepts: more, less, same as, above, below, between, in, out, over, under, etc.
    Understands and makes patterns.

    Opens a book from front to back and follows print from left to right.  Identifies own name from a list of names.  Names basic colors: red, blue, yellow, green, purple, orange, black, brown, white.

    Holds pencil correctly.
    Traces letters and shapes accurately.
    Controls pencil and forms letters in his/her name and other learned letters by making the strokes in the correct sequence and in proper direction. (Does not have to be on a line or even in size).

    Writes first name using a capital letter for only the first letter.

    Answers literal questions (who, what, when, where, how) after listening to a story.
    Identifies real and make-believe stories.
    Sits and pays attention for a minimum of 15 minutes.
    Can retell parts of a story.

    Knows the difference between numbers and letters.
    Matches two letters that are alike.
    Names the letters (upper and lower case) of the alphabet in random order.

    Fine Motor
    Controls pencil so is able to draw a line between two curved lines ½ inch apart.
    Copies a three word sentence with letters legible.
    Cuts on straight and large curved lines.
    Controls glue and uses proper amount.

    Copies a circle, square, and rectangle accurately.
    Draws/paints a recognizable picture.

    Sustains attention to a task/story for at least 10 minutes.
    Asks for adult help when needed.
    Uses language to solve interaction problems, not physical aggression.
    Treats classmates and teachers with courtesy.
    Follows at least two step directions.
    Does not tattle.
    Respects adult authority.
    Goes to and stays in assigned areas (playground, lunchroom, special area, etc.)

    Independent Responsibilities
    Puts materials back in the correct space.
    Keeps up with personal belongings.
    Accepts responsibility for cleaning up materials used.
    Carries own backpack and walks to playground without parent.
    Ties shoes, zips, buttons, snaps, and dresses him/herself.
    Takes care of personal hygiene (wipes nose with tissue, appropriate bathroom habits.
    Uses good table manners.

    Plays and works cooperatively with others.
    Functions in a group without arguing or fighting.
    Respects others personal space.
    Uses manners (Thank you, please, your welcome, may I)

    Controls anger and verbally expresses anger and frustration to others.
    Doesn’t cry inappropriately.
    Separates from parent without crying/ clinging.
    Handles conflicts with language, not physical aggression.
    Does not hit, pinch, push, or abuse other children.

    Gross Motor
    Runs without falling.
    Hops at least three times on one foot without losing balance.
    Takes off in a jump with two feet and lands two feet together.
    Balances on one foot for 3 seconds
    Rides a tricycle, gallops and runs without falling or losing balance.