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  • All About Me

    This is my 8th year teaching.
    I went to college at the
    University of West Florida, where I
    received my bachelors and masters degrees. 
    If I wasn't a teacher, I
    would be a professional beach goer.
    I love my family! 
    I recently got married in May 2015. 
     Mr. Adam is the General Manager of Harry's Seafood. 
    We have a sweet black lab named Ruger and a calico cat named Cali. 
    The best thing about teaching is
    getting my kids to reach their goals. When
    something CLICKS..it's MAGIC! 
Mr. Adam and I

    color:  green
     food:  cake
     book: To Kill a Mockingbird
     subject:  ELA
     hobbies: running &  beaching it 
     sport:  Florida Football 
     drink:  Cherry Coke Zero and flavored coffee 
    movie:  The Little Mermaid
     etc.:  anything monogrammed
Last Modified on August 9, 2015