• Gilchrist Mileage Club

    This is open to boys and girls at Gilchrist in 3rd-5th grade

    BE HONEST! Honesty is the best policy and that definitely rings true here with

    Gilchrist Grizzles. You are responsible for logging your miles and we expect you to

    be HONEST. Don’t cheat yourself. This is about you working towards your

    personal goal and there is no gain in cheating. Be honest and earn each and every one.

    What counts as miles?

    Walking, Jogging, and Running.  If it can be measured, and you’re moving on your

    FEET (not on wheels) you can count it towards your miles.

    How do I turn in my miles?

    Your parent or guardian can write and sign a note with the amount of miles you

    have walked or ran at home.  If the miles are done at school during walk and talk

    or during recess, you keep up with those miles, write them down and have the

    teacher sign the note.  Turn your miles and notes in to Coach Causey.


    After you have accumulated 20 miles you will receive a toe token.  This token can

    be worn on your shoe laces or even a bracelet.  You will receive a toe token for

    each 20 mile increment.  Once you have accumulated 100 miles, you will receive a

    100 mile bracelet and be on the Gilchrist morning news.  At the end of the year

    the three students who have accumulated the most miles will receive a mileage

    club t-shirt.

    So get moving!!

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Last Modified on August 13, 2015