• Welcome to 4th grade!  Again, I am excited to teach your child this year.  Fourth grade will be both challenging and exciting for your child.  I am thrilled to provide each student with a mentally stimulating and fun environment.  We know this will be a wonderful year!  Here is a brief highlight of some of our procedures:
    Language Arts will consist of reading and writing instruction.  Students will continue to build upon the skills they learned in both reading and writing last year.  We will be reading many chapter books along with continuing to use the Wonders series. The series will be available online at www.connected.mcgraw-hill.com. I will provide you with a username and password during the first week of school.  This year we will focus on the persuasive mode of writing as well as grammar.  Writing will also be embedded into our reading curriculum.  I hope to instill a love for reading and writing within each of my students this year.
    GoMath will consist of the math standards for the 4th grade.  As we complete units, we will have mid-chapter tests, quizzes, and homework to help each student along the way.  Tests will vary upon the completion of the units.
    Science Fusion will consist of the science standards for 4th graders.  As we complete units we will have tests and quizzes.  In addition to that, we will have experiments throughout the year that should be fun for all of the students.  Science projects will go home periodically for homework.
    Social Studies will consist with the 4th grade standards.  A lot of reading and writing will be involved and may count towards your nightly reading homework.  Social Studies projects will be assigned throughout the year.
    Friday Folders are sent home every Friday with work from the previous week and any school correspondences.  My homeroom 4th graders will have a white half inch binder to serve as the Friday Folder.  Please go through the binder with your child and return signed on Monday.
    Homework is assigned daily.  Students are required to turn in homework on time and as soon as they walk in the classroom.  All assignments will be recorded daily in your child's planner.  Homework is also posted daily on our homework site.  If you forget your homework, you will be given a Homework Second Chance Form.  If this form is signed by you (parent or guardian) and returned with the homework the day after the homework is due, the student will receive full credit for the work.  Please keep in mind, students are only allowed (3) three Second Chance Forms each grading period.
    Accelerated Reader (AR) will be used to motivate students to read daily.  Students will be given an AR goal each nine weeks and awards will be given to those who meet their goals.
    Wonders Reading Test will be given on Fridays (unless notified).  Each test will assess vocabulary and comprehension.
    Spelling Test will be given on Thursdays (unless notified).  Students will be expected to take pretests of the weekly words on Friday in class.
    Selection/Vocabulary Test will be given on Wednesdays (unless notified).  Students will be expected to write and study vocaulary words daily.
    Language Arts Journals will be used daily in class.  Students will be expected to have their journal in class daily and keep it up-to-date.  This will be a great tool for students and parents. 
    60% Assessments, Projects and Experiments
    20% Quizzes (Reading and Math), Science Quizzes, Social Studies Quizzes and Spelling Tests
    15% Classwork
    5% Homework
    In the Classroom responsibility is held in the highest regard.  Any late assignments and projects will receive a lower grade for each day it's late.  This will help your child to adhere to deadlines and encourages accountability.
    Volunteers are an important part of a successful year.  There are many opportunities to help; stuffing Friday Folders, filing, stapling packets, and more.  Much of the help can even be done from home.  I will have a sign-up list during orientation and open house.  Please let me know how you can help!
    Absences need to be called into the school as well as a written note must be turned in, by the student, upon his or her return. Please call 850.487.4310 in the morning.  You may also E-mail me at williamsd2@leonschools.net and Linda Roulhac, Registrar, at roulhacl@leonschools.net, of the notification.  Please keep in mind, in order to have an excused absence, your child must bring in a note from home upon his or her return.
    Make-Up Work will be provided to students who have been absent.  It is the student's responsibility to ask for any missed work.  If there is an absence that is pre-planned, I will be more than happy to get the make-up work together ahead of time, if possible.
    Class Dojo is a wonderful tool to track your child's behavior.  In class (and even on field trips), we will be using Dojo to praise specific positive behaviors and recognize behavior in making better decisions.  You will be given a log-in soon and are encouraged to check your child's points regularly.
    I am extremely excited about the coming year and anticipate a productive and successful school year!
Last Modified on August 1, 2017