• Allie, First an Last

    by Angela Cervantes Year Published: 2016

    No better feeling exists in the world that stepping to the top of a winner's podium and hoisting a trophy high in the air.  At, least, that's what Allie thinks...she's never actually won anything before.  Everyone in her family is special in someway--her younger sister is a rising TV start; her brother is a soccer prodigy; her great-grandfather is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

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  • Castle Hangnail

    by Ursula Vernon Year Published: 2015

    When Molly shows up on Castle Hangnail's doorstep to fill the vacancy for a wicked witch, the minions are understandably doubtful.  After all, she is just twelve years old, quite polite, and rather unintimidating.  But the castle desperately needs a master or else the Board of Magic will decommission it, leaving all the minions without the home they love, and forcing Molly to go back home to the room she shares with her pink-and-sparkles-loving "good" twin sister.  So when Molly assures the minions she is quite a few secrets, including the biggest one of all:  she isn't who she says she is.

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  • A Dragan's Guide to the Care and Feeding of Humans

    by Laureance Yep and Joanna Ryder Year Published: 2015

    Feisty dragon Miss Drake has a new pet human, precocious Winnie.  Oddly enough, Winnie seems to think Miss Drake is her pet--a ridiculous notion!  Miss Drake has her work cut out for her if she's ever going to train Winnie to be the perfect companion.

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  • Framed!

    by James Ponti Year Published: 2016

    You're halfway through your homework, and the director of the FBI keeps texting you for help...What do you do, save your grade or save the country?  If you're Florian Bates, you figure out a way to do both.

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  • The Hero Two Doors Down

    by Sharon Robinson Year Published: 2016

    Stephen Satlow is an eight-year-old boy living in Brooklyn, New York, which means he only cares about one thing--the Dodgers.  Steve and his father spend hours reading the sports pages and listening to games on the radio.  Aside from an occasional run-in with his teacher, life is pretty simple for Steve.

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  • Maxi's Secrets: Or What You Can Learn From a Dog

    by Lynn Plourde Year Published: 2016

    Timminy knows that starting middle school in a new town is less than ideal when his small size makes him perfect bully bait.  But he gets a huge consolation prize in his big, bouncy new dog, Maxi.  When Timminy discovers that Maxi is deaf, he is determined to help her--after all, his parents didn't return him because he was a runt.  However, when the going gets rough, Maxy turns out to be the one to help Timminy.  So does their neighbor, Abby, who doesn't let her blindness define her and who bristles at Timminy's "poor-me" attitude.

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  • My Brother is a Superhero

    by David Solomons Year Published: 2015

    Luke Parker was just your average comic book fan until his boring, teacher's pet, helps-old-ladies-across-the-street brother, Zack, got turned into a superhero.  Luke can't believe the unfairness of it all--he's the one with the encyclopedic knowledge of everything from Ant-Man to Wolverine!  At least he can help Zack (aka Star Guy) with all the important parts of becoming a superhero, like picking his name, using his newfound powers, and deciding whether or not to wear a cape.

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  • Night of the Living Worms

    by Dave Coverly Year Published: 2015

    Speed Bump is a little bird with a big head and tiny wings who just can't live up to his big brother's reputation.  Why?  Because his brother is Early Bird--yes, that Early Bird, the famous one who always gets the worm!

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  • Pugs of the Frozen North

    by Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre Year Published: 2015

    Far away, in a winter wonderland, an amazing sled race is about ot begin.  The winner can make one wish, and it will magically come true!  Two friends, Sika and Shen, want to win more that anything.  But all they have is a pack of yappy, yippy pug puppies.

    Ten pugs can't move their sled.  Even with thirty, it doesn't budge.  But what about ...Sixty Six?  With a little bit of luck, anything is paws-ible.

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  • Save Me a Seat

    by Sarah Weeks and Gita Varadarajan Year Published: 2016

    Joe and Ravi might be from very different places, but they're both stuck in the same place:  School.

    Joe's lived in the same town all his life, and was doing just fine until his best friends moved away and left him on his own.

    Rav's family just moved to America from India, and he's finding it pretty hard to figure out where he fits in.

    Joe and Ravi don't think they have anything in common--but soon enough they have a common enemy (the biggest bully in their class) and a common mission:  to take control of their lives over the course of a single crazy week.

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  • Teddy Mars: Al-most a World Recored Breaker

    by Molly Burnham Year Published: 2015

    Strange but true, ten-year-old Teddy Mars has a big dream.  He wants to break a world record.  And he won't let anything stand in his way.  Not his five (FIVE!) older sisters.  Not his teacher, who thinks he daydreams too much.  And definitely not his little brother, Jake, also known as THE DESTRUCTOR!

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  • The Vanishing Coin

    by Kate Egan and Mike Lane Year Published: 2014

    Fourth grade was supposed to be a fresh start, but Mike's already back in the principal's office.  He's not a bad kid.  He just can't sit still.  And now, his parents won't let him play soccer anymore.  Instead, he has to hang out with his new neighbor Nora, who is good at everything!

    Then, Mike and Nora discover The White Rabbit.  It's an odd shop--with a special secret inside.  Its owner, Mr. Zerlin, is a magician, and amazingly, he believes Mike could be a magician, too.  Has Mike finally found something he's good at?

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  • A Whole New Ballgame

    by Phil Bildner Year Published: 2015

    Rip and Red are best friends whose fifth-grade year is nothing like what they expected.  They have a crazy new tattooed teacher named Mr. Acevedo, who doesn't believe in tests or homework and who likes off-the-wall projects, the more "off" the better.  They also find themselves with a new basketball coach:  Mr. Acevedo!

    Easy-going Rip is knocked completely out of his comfort zone.  And for Red, who really needs things to be exactly a certain way, the changes are even more of a struggle.  But together these two make a great duo who know how to help each other--and find ways to make a difference--in the classroom and on the court.

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  • The Wild Robot

    by Peter Brown Year Published: 2016

    When robot Roz opens her eyes for the first time, she discovers that shi is alone on a remote, wild island.  Sha has no idea how she got there or what her purpose is--but she knows she needs to survive.  After battling a fierce storm and escaping a vicious bear attack, she realizes that her only hope for survival is to adapt to her surroundings and learn from the island's unwelcoming animal inhabitants.

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  • Willy MayKit in Space

    by Greg Trine Year Published: 2015

    Earth-dwelling fourth-grader Willy MayKit couldn't be more excited about his school field trip to Planet Ed.  Willy's class will blast off for the afternoon, learn about outer space, and be home in time for dinner.  But when he wanders off on his own, Willy ends up being left behind on Ed!  Can Willy, along with his classmate Cindy and an alien boy named Norp, outsmart the big hungry monsters on Planet Ed until someone rescues them?  With a little help from an android who likes knock-knock jokes and a seagull with terrific aim, they just might!

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