FSU Capital Children's Choir Program - contact Dr. Suzanne Byrnes at FSU at College of Music

    FSU Youth Orchestra for 3rd and 4th graders - contact David Pope - 224-8966

    Thomasville Road Academy of Arts - 422-7795

    Rivers Music - piano lessons - 850-893-7672

    David Hoge Guitar studios - contact David Hoge - 997-1155

    www.guitarstudios.net (David Hoge)

    Mason's School of Music  (no relation to Mrs Mason) - 412-0102

    Stubbs' Music Center Inc - 893-8754

    Music Lessons Express - 850-219-3653

    Beethoven & Company music store - 894-8700

    Young Actors Theatre - www.youngactorstheatre.com

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    Be respectful

    Be responsible

    Be ready to learn - to make music



    1. Listen always
    2. Raise your hand and wait your turn
    3. Follow directions
    4. Use kind words and kind hands
    5. Always make music


    1. reminders - silent and verbal
    2. fermata - take a pause from the music activity and take time to think - go to the reading room
    3. conference with Mrs. Mason, classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and/or parents
    4. leave the music room - go to another classroom or go to the office



    It is very challenging giving grades in music because students regularly come to music only once a week.  Evaluations are given for consistently demonstrating skills such as singing and performing on a variety of instruments;  demonstrating understanding of music concepts through classroom discussion;  and demonstrating the process of making music by applying the concepts and skills to consistent performances. Weekly work in the classroom and participation impact a student’s understanding, demonstrating, and performing.  In the primary grades, many of the skills are developmental and students need more time and practice for mastery and consistency.  

    Students are not evaluated on having trained voices or previous musical experience. Students are evaluated on mastery and consistency of skills and concepts demonstrated in class when they sing, play the instruments, demonstrate understanding of various music concepts, and participate in class discussions.  Students are informed when there is a specific evaluation and what skills are being evaluated.  Lessons are taught using Sunshine State music benchmarks. Grades are given in accordance with the Leon County Schools policy as shown on the report cards.  All students receive letter grades according to Leon County grading policies.


    Students are given an opportunity to evaluate themselves after various music lessons using the following rubric.

    3 – Got it!  I understand and consistently demonstrate the skill, concept, or learning goal

    2 – I get it but I am inconsistent, need more time to practice, and need help with part of it

    1 – Help me - I'm lost and confused 

    0 - refuse to participate or try


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