Safety is and will continue being our top priority at Conley. We have reviewed our safety measures as we do often and we have identified the following areas in which we need your help:

    1. Readily provide your I.D. when you wish to volunteer and/or participate in school/classroom events.

    2. Wear the printed name badge given to you at the front desk during your visit.

    3. Do not open exterior campus doors for other parents or visitors during the school day. All parents and visitors must check-in at the front office when visiting.

    4. If you arrive at or after 8:30 A.M. to drop off your student(s), you must escort them to the front office and sign them in.

    5. If your student attends the before and/or after school care program, you must walk them into the cafeteria and sign them in/out.

    6. If you use the car pick up lane at dismissal, be sure to have your Conley placard hanging from your rearview mirror or visible. If you do not have your placard, you will be asked to park and walk in to the front office to verify your identity.

    7.  Any time your child's transportation changes, please inform their teacher with a written note or email.  Providing this information in writing allows the teachers to forward this information to all personnel that need to know.  We cannot change a student's transportation when we do not have a document indicating that change.
    Please understand these measures are not to inconvenience you, but to help keep our students safe.
    Thank you for your help!

    When reaching your child's teacher:
    Please use our school email accounts to communicate with your child's teacher. 

    Conferences Before and After School

    Please park in the 2nd parking lot that is on the side of the school where car pick-up and drop-off is located. Staff and buses only use the 1st parking lot during school hours.

    **Standard Dismissal Plan for Inclement Weather**

       1.  There are only 2 options for car pickup.  Students who are walkers will be escorted down the hill where a parent            must be waiting at Four Oaks and Orange Avenue. Car riders must be dismissed from the car drop off and              pick up area.  If walkers cannot walk down the hill due to weather, they must go to car pick-up and the                  parent must pick them up in a car from the car pick-up area.

            Cars cannot pull up in the front of the school to pick up students while buses and day car vans are

       2.  Bus riders will go into 4th and 5th grade classrooms.

       3.  Car riders K-2 will go to media center (back section), 3rd grade Art classroom, 4th grade Music classroom,            and 5th Gifted classroom (across form Art classroom).

       4.  EDEP students will report to the cafeteria.

       5.  Van riders will go to media center at the front section by circulation desk.

       6.  Pre-K will go to lost and found area of cafeteria.

    REMINDER:  School begins at 8:30 am.  All students arriving at 8:30 or after MUST be signed in by an adult in the front office. They will receive a "tardy" pass to enter the classroom.  Breakfast ends at 8:25 in the mornings each day.

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    11/19 - 11/23  Thanksgiving Week Break (no school)

    12/10 - 12/14   Book Fair in the Media Center

    12/20    Fifth Grade Music Club Performance

    12/19 - 12/21   Early Release Days                                                                     

    12/21    End of Term 2

    12/24 - 01/07   Winter Break - Students return on 01/08

    03/18 - 03/25   Spring Break - Students return on 03/26

    05/30    EOY Grade 5 Celebration

    05/31    Grade 5 Farewell Walk 

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  • Wonders Lessons:  (7 day rotation - assessments on Day 6 and 7)

    Unit 2 Week 4  11/26- 12/04  Assessed on 12/03 and 12/04

    Unit 2 Week 5  12/05 - 12/13   Assessed on 12/12 and 12/13

    JGB Lessons     12/14 - 12/18  

    Unit 3 Week 1  01/08 - 01/16  Assessed on 01/15 and 01/16

    Unit 3 Week 2  01/17 - 01/28   Assessed on 01/25 and 01/28

    Unit 3 Week 3  01/29 - 02/05   Assessed on 02/04 and 02/05

    Unit 3 Week 4  02/06 - 02/14   Assessed on 02/13 and 02/14

    Unit 3 Week 5  02/15 - 02/26   Assessed on 02/25 and 02/26

    Unit 4 Week 1  02/27 - 03/07   Assessed on 03/06 and 03/07



    Social Studies:



    Unit 2 Chapter 3 "Age of Exploration"

        Lesson 1  World Travel and Trade

        Lesson 2  New Ideas In Europe

        Lesson 3  Europeans Arrive in the Americas

        Lesson 4  Conquest of the Americas

        Lesson 5  New Spain

    Unit 1 Chapter 3 Review


    Unit 2 Chapter 4 "European Settlements"

         Lesson 1   A Northwest Passage

         Lesson 2   Roanoke and Jamestown

         Lesson 3   New England Settlements

         Lesson 4   Dutch and French Colonies

    Unit 2 Chapter 4 Review


    Unit 3 Chapter 5 "New England Colonies"

         Lesson 1  Geography of the Colonies

         Lesson 2  New England

         Lesson 3  Life in New England

    Unit 3 Chapter 5 Review


    Unit 3 Chapter 6 "Middle and Southern Colonies"

         Lesson 1  The Middle Colonies

         Lesson 2  Life in the Middle Colonies

         Lesson 3  The Southern Colonies

         Lesson 4  Life in the South

    Unit 3 Chapter 6 Review





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    Homework & Projects:

    DUE DATES MUST BE MET for all assignments. The expectation for Middle School is that the students keep up with their assignments, complete them and turn them in on time.  It is important that they develop these skills this year.  They should be checking their own scores on the parent portal for grades.

    LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED for full credit. ALL DUE DATES MUST BE MET to receive full credit.  Assignments that are turned in the next day will receive a 10% - 20% reduction in the score for graded work.  Ungraded work will be noted "Late". 

    Any Reading assignment or Social Studies assignment that was started in the classroom but not completed should be finished at home for homework the same night. If your child is not writing down their assignments they did not finish, remind them it is their responsibility to note the reading assignments and social studies assignments they did not finish on their planner.
    Completion of homework and classwork on time is important.  It helps the students to develop responsibility and homework supports the practice for the work done in the classroom. Work that is not turned in receives a score of "Z" in the grade book which enters into their grade average as a zero and will not drop.
    Each student is required to maintain their agenda.  The student is responsible for copying all homework and project assignments into their agendas.  Agenda checks may be done periodically by the teacher to verify the students are using their Agendas.  If you do not see this information in their Agenda, please remind them that it is their responsibility to maintain their agenda.  All classrooms post homework on the white boards in their classrooms. The consequencews for not keeping up with your assignments and writing them down in an agenda become greater as the students move forward in their education careers.
    Independent Reading: Read AR book 35 minutes daily
                                      (245 min./week)


    "Your Public Library has a new Accelerated Reader search engine found on: http://www.leoncountylibrary.org/library/site-index.asp

    Once you open the above link and on the main library page, click on
    “Search Library Catalog” located on the left side of the page.
    Next, click on the “Accelerated Reader/ Lexile tab” to begin your search and customize to your child’s AR level.
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    Grade 5 Supply List 2018/2019
    • 2 packages of 12 sharpened Ticonderoga #2 pencils
    • 1 pack of cap erasers
    • 1 2-inch 3 ring binder with pockets and a pack of dividers
    • 1 pair of ear-buds/headphones for computer lab (optional)
    • 1 package of thin markers
    • 1 package of glue sticks
    • 3 composition books (no spiral notebooks)
    • 2 packages of notebook paper (wide-ruled)
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