• Dear beloved parents,

           We are living in an unprecedented time. Now, it is more important than ever for students to learn the value and necessity of science literacy, including: understanding the nature of science, recognizing what classifies as evidence, how scientists and medical professionals make decisions regarding public health and safety, and how to think critically and creatively to solve problems.

           I am so excited that this year I can teach your 6th grade student. I am also very disappointed that I will not see many of them until at least January 2021, depending on the pandemic situation at that time. Please understand, I am going to do my very best to make sure that every one of my students has the same access to learning from me this year. A lot of my lessons will be done with discussion and question and answer over Zoom, so that I can be as interactive with my students at home as I am with my students in person. Due to the nature of what we are calling a “Hybrid learning model” wherein students are working primarily or exclusively through a virtual platform, there are going to be times where the student is expected to be doing work independent of the teacher being present. This may include long term projects that require some work outside of class time (think traditional “homework”) or preparing for a lesson ahead of time by knowing which platform we will be using that day for a lesson (Zoom live meeting, watching a prerecorded lesson, working on an assignment independently on Canvas for a certain period of time, etc.). I ask that you encourage your student to use the tools that I will be showing them how to use, especially Canvas Calendar – which will have all of our assignments and lessons updated as we progress through the school year. If you need help, there are dozens of videos on YouTube, there is a “Help” button directly on canvas on the bottom left corner of the main screen that has a library of questions and answers available to you at any time. You can always email me if you have questions or concerns about Canvas. I am NOT a Canvas expert, nor a technology guru, but I will do my best to help you out or direct you to the right person.

          I ask that you encourage your student to not be afraid to ask questions. I will tell my students every opportunity I have, that “there are NO dumb questions.” There are questions that are misinformed, questions without context, questions with bad grammar making the question difficult to interpret, and sometimes kids just have those “out of the blue” questions. I embrace questioning. Questions are how science progresses, and it is a key backbone to teaching students to critically think; one of the most important skills they can develop before they join the rapidly changing global economy. Again, please always encourage your student to ask questions. I will never dismiss a question. I may at times not know the answer, and will use this as a learning opportunity when I can for the student. Scientists do not know everything. Science is a large body of knowledge, but there are many things we do not know yet. Please, help me instill the love of curiosity for this beautiful world we live in into your students as much as I am. Together, we can help your student achieve greatness in their lives.

         Please note that many of the rules and procedures listed below are school and county policies and are designed for the health and safety of everyone in the school and at home. If you ever have any questions that are not answered in this document, please feel free to contact me. The BEST way to contact me is by email: glicksonz@leonschools.net. The second best way to contact me is through the Remind app, which I suggest students use to contact me, since that is easier, faster, and more age appropriate for them than email. If you are having a major problem or concern, please email me to schedule a phone call.

         This is going to be a fantastic year, regardless of which platform we use to communicate and learn together. Thank you for ALL that you do for your child and our student. And remember, Science ROCKS! 


    Yours in learning,

    Zach Glickson "Mr. G"

    6th grade comprehensive science

    Fairview Middle School