• Welcome to Language Arts with Ms. Sherman!


     Important Information:

    Ms. Sherman’s Checklist- Language Arts

    1. What assignments should I be working on?

    There will be one distance learning packet assigned weekly. It is broken down into segments for each day of the week. It is a Commonlit text for students to read and analyze. It is due on Monday of the following week, although there are no late penalties for submitting later. Students can upload the assignment to Teams or email it to me. I will provide feedback on their submitted work through Gradebook comments.

    1. Where to find the assignments:

    The assignments are located on my website under “Assignments” and also posted on Teams under “Assignments”. The file will include some resources to help students complete the packet, such as videos for background information. Students are encouraged to message me if they need additional resources/help with the assignments.

    1. Contact:

    My office hours are 10-12 daily, but I will be responding to emails as quickly as possible during school hours. I am primarily using the Microsoft Teams platform to post information for students, for students to submit their assignments, to chat with students, and even to set up phone calls with students. I will post updates on my website and send out emails to students every Monday. Please let me know if you would like to set up a Teams phone call or I can be reached by email at shermanj@leonschools.net



    Week 5 Update- 4/27 

    Good Morning! 

    Week 5 is now uploaded on Teams. Both week 5 and 6 are available on my website under “Assignments”. From this week on, the district packets are a little bit different in that they have close reading questions to complete, instead of doing your own annotations, and they have a focus skill that all that texts will work on (Point of View). I like that it is structured more like a unit. Please let me know if you have any questions- as I say in every post- I am here for you! Please don’t be afraid to message me for help.





    Please see the following link for tips about how to complete/send the packets digitally. For example, the link shows you how to type your answers directly onto the packet instead of printing. You do not have to do this, but it is an option.


    Uploading the Onedrive app allows you to directly scan in your printed assignment to a file that can be emailed straight to me.

    **To receive full credit for the assignment this week- please answer the Commonlit short response question (number 5 under Text Dependent Questions) in RACE format- just like we always do in class (Restate, answer, cite evidence, explain). Please make sure to answer two part questions completely and defend your answer if the question asks why/why not. race help

     If you are having any troubles, like getting time online, please reach out to me. I am here to work with you.