• If your student is currently on reassignment you do not need to apply to continue at your current school.

  • The School Choice Application is for:                               

    • Over to Under Capacity – Any student assigned to a school that is over capacity may attend any school under capacity.
    • Sibling Support – The sibling must be attending the school the same year as the requested reassignment.
    • Grandfathering - The last 2 years of elementary, last year of middle, last year of high school or your current school is under capacity.
    • McKay - McKay option is based on the availability of the program(s), services and classroom capacity. The student must have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 accommodation plan

    The Hardship Application is for:

    • When the student has a documented economic or medical condition and request to attend another school other than their home zoned school. Hardship exceptions shall be granted based upon a case-by-case review and school capacity availability at the requested school. Hardship applications are reviewed by the hardship committee on the second Thursday of each month.  Please submit your application one week prior to the meeting.
  • Some schools are over capacity and not able to accept additional students that are not in their zone. If the school you are requesting is not listed in the drop down menu, unfortunately they are over their capacity and have no reassignment seats available for the 2017-18 school year.   

    The schools listed below are over capacity and

    not a school choice option for the 2017/18 school year.


    Apalachee Elem Ft. Braden K-8 Ruediger Elem
    Astoria Park Elem Gilchrist Elem Springwood Elem
    Buck Lake Elem Hawks Rise Elem W.T. Moore Elem
    Canopy Oaks Elem Kate Sullivan Elem Woodville K-8
    Conley Elem Riley Elem  
    Griffin Middle   Chiles High
    Montford Middle   Leon High
        Lincoln High




Last Modified on June 6, 2018