LTC Financial Aid General Information

Financial Aid information is available to all prospective and currently enrolled students who qualify and enroll in an approved career training program. Research for scholarships can be completed on-line at or .

Financial Aid Guidelines

Students will be evaluated a minimum of two times yearly for satisfactory academic progress. Students who are receiving scholarships and awards must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress according to the Financial Aid Policies and Procedures provided at time of enrollment. These policies are independent of individual program standards of progress. Students receiving Pell Grant must meet these minimum requirements to be eligible for payment.

Steps to Apply for Financial Aid

  • Apply online at  When prompted, enter Lively Technical Center Code – 013997
  • Wait seven days and contact the Lively Technical Center Financial Aid Office at 850-487-7592 to verify receipt
  • The following documents may be required: tax return transcript from IRS, driver license, and proof of Florida residency for 12 months
  • Visit the Financial Aid Department (in Student Services).  Bring completed enrollment packet (available at Student Services) and all documentation utilized for completing the FAFSA application with you.  At this time, eligibility will be determined. Once verified, you will be issued an award letter and deferral, if applicable.


Sometimes the FAFSA application comes up for Verification. Documentation needed for verification may include, but is not limited to, IRS Tax Return Transcripts, proof of H.S. Diploma or GED, proof of child support paid, proof of receipt of SNAP benefits, photo I.D., number of household members and number in college. Please contact the Financial Aid office to inquire whether your Financial Aid application is up for verification and what documents you need to provide.

Contact An FA Officer

Mrs. Brenda Allen


Mrs. Danica Crawford


FA Documents