Course Selection Process 2017

Please review this page to help you complete the course selection process for the 2017-18 school year.  If you have any questions, please contact our guidance office at 487-2110.  Our counselors and their assigned students are listed below.

Current Lincoln Students Timeline
3/6, Course selection forms distributed through homerooms
3/6, Individual student-teacher discussions
3/9, Course selection forms collected through Science classes
3/21-4/14, Guidance meetings with students through Science classes
May 2017, Course verification forms mailed home 
Late July 2017, 2017-18 schedules mailed home 
Incoming Freshman Timeline
March- April, Middle School Visits.  3/21- Fairview, 3/23- Cobb, 3/24- Raa, 3/28- Montford,
3/31- Swift Creek, Private/Charter Schools TBA
4/4, 8th Grade Curriculum Night, 5:30 PM, Forum
4/6, Course selection forms collected through middle school
May 2017, Course verification forms mailed home 
July 2017, AP Summer Camp 
Late July 2017, 2017-18 schedules mailed home 
August 11, 2017,  9th Grade Orientation 

9th Grade  Danielle Jones
 10th-12th Last Names A-E Keith
 10th-12th Last Names F-L Shawn Winship
 10th-12th Last Names M-R Harriett Williams
 10th-12th Last Names S-Z Brent Monroe